Wire EDM Machine

Today, as we embrace the 21st century, there are far greater demands for higher precision in machining. Wire EDM is your answer to tight tolerances, cutting harder metals and space-age alloys including hastaloy, waspaloy, inconel, titanium, carbide, polycrystalline diamond compacts and conductive ceramics.

The amount of clamping pressure required to hold small, thin and fragile parts is minimal, preventing damage or distortion to the work piece.

Sac EDM & Waterjet Inc. Utilizes:
  • (6) Wire Machines with capacity up to 31.5” x 23.6” x 20” thick

Sinker EDM Machine

The major benefit of sinker EDM is the ability to produce complex shapes without inducing stresses into the material. Since the electrode is sunk, or lowered, into the material, it must be wider towards the top of the plunge than at the bottom.

Unlike wire EDM, sinker EDM does not cut all the way through the material (unless desired). As a result, sinker EDM has a wider variety of applications, such as blind cavities/keyways, thin walls, or cross sections. This versatility makes sinker EDM an efficient technology for stamping dies and injection molds.

Sac EDM & Waterjet Inc. Utilizes:
  • (1) CNC Sinker EDM
  • (1) CNC Small Hole Sinker