Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet is a cutting process combining ultra high-pressure water and an abrasive capable of cutting a wide range of materials from titanium and Inconel to glass, acrylic, foam and more.

Advance programing capabilities allow you to achieve tolerances, shapes and patterns limited only by your imagination.

The Waterjet Advantage
  • Reduced material cost because parts are nested together using sheet or plate stock versus. traditional saw cutting and machining.
  • Reduced CNC Machine time due to the ability to rough out profiles and key features resulting in less hours of machining.
  • Waterjet cutting produces no heat affected zone which may cause work harden cutting edge, distortion or warping of material.
  • Water only cutting allows a wide variety of materials to be cut using high pressure water on a variety of materials such as, rubber, urethane, plastics without introducing any contaminants.
Sac EDM & Waterjet Inc. Utilizes:
  • Mach 500, Dynamic High Pressure 94K psi Intensifier Waterjet, 72.00” x 144.00” Capacity
  • Mach 3, Dynamic High Pressure 87K psi Intensifier Waterjet, 72.00” x 144.00” Capacity
  • Mach 2, High Pressure 60K psi Intensifier Waterjet, 51.50” x 51.50” Capacity